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About The Peelers

Not your typical cover band...


The Peelers are the San Francisco Bay Area's riveting cover band sensation, recognized for elevating the live band experience to exciting new levels by creating unique non-stop DJ-like mash-ups and medleys of the latest hits on the radio with your favorite classics from all genres.


“So…what kind of band do we want to be?” is the question we asked ourselves..


The Peelers, like every other band, started by asking this question. They certainly knew what kind of band they didn’t want to be. You know the one: same thirty songs, night after night, wedding after wedding - over-played to the point of becoming background noise. And The Peelers certainly didn’t want to pigeonhole themselves as “That 70’s Band!” or “Those Modern Rock Guys!”.The Peelers wanted to sound like the best moments of their lives – the school dances, 4th of July barbeques, that crazy road-trip, that messy weekend in Vegas, that crazy messy road-trip that ended in Vegas! Wouldn't it be great if your life's soundtrack could be stirred, shaken and served up like an iTunes playlist stuck on "Shuffle"?


On the dance floor, tastes continue to evolve and expand. The Peelers understand why. While cover bands play the same songs from ten years ago, DJs accommodate everyone’s tastes, bouncing from R&B to pop to hip-hop to classic oldies to rock and everywhere in between without skipping a beat.The Peelers combine the performance energy of a live band with the versatility and sense-of-play of a DJ:    


• A medley that connects The Eurythmics to Depeche Mode to Usher? You got it!    

• A mash-up that layers your favorite Bon Jovi song to Micheal Jackson?" Absolutely!    

• A beat-matched segue from country's Tim McGraw effortlessly into Dr. Dre Why not?!?


It’s music without prejudice, the sounds and emotions that move us all and continue to move us through our lives. The Peelers blend the best tracks of your life like a giant margarita, distilling only the best parts like a fine tequila and then pours them on top of each other so you never have a chance to leave the dance floor.


We are The Peelers - the evolution of the cover band experience

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